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New London Spiritualist Church

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A few years back, we started a new tradition - Mothers' Day Men's Cook-off.  The men give the ladies a special treat, preparing all the food, and even cleaning up after. (sorry no pictures of that - didn't want to get the camera wet!) A few pictures here of everyone enjoying a delicious repast.
We had a great July 4th Picnic, which was held on July 3rd this year!!  Along with the regular hamburgers and hotdogs (and buns) we had a wonderful assortment of side-dishes to share.  We always have a great turnout - and great weather - with lots of conversation and celebration. If we didn't see you this year, please
mark your calendar now for next year, and see you there!
We asked our members and guests to go through their closet and dresser drawers and fill a lawn'n'leaf bag with all those items (clean and in good condition) that they just don't seem to wear any more, and to bring the bags to Sunday Service. The response was overwhelming and heartening. And it's still going on, as more bags have accumulated.  Here are 2 pictures of the first load we managed to collect.  That's Barbara Thomas and David Foulkes peeking out from behind.  Ray from Homeward Bound came out to pick up the bags, and we filled his truck to the top!  These cloths were donated to the Covenant Shelter and St. James Shelter in New London, which offer night-time housing to people in need, as well as the Hospitality Center (run by St. James) which offers daytime services to the homeless.
(click the picture for a larger view)